Daniel Maggs

Bisu’s Daniel Maggs on ‘Stop Flushing Terabytes of Data Down the Toilet’

In this eleventh episode, Daniel Maggs enlightens listeners as to how today we are flushing away our bodily waste daily without first capturing the highly-valuable data it contains.

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He details his companies forthcoming smart urine analyzer that provides personalized health advice. He shares a lot of excitement as to where home and personalized health is going.

Topics we discussed in this episode
  • The three types of ketone
  • Blood, urine or saliva as the gold standard/s
  • Electrolytes and other biomarkers
  • Balancing electrolytes
  • Kidney aging and testing
  • Slowing kidney aging
  • Advantages of looking at ketones relative to things like magnesium, sodium, potassium
  • Future of home and personalized health
  • The passing of Quantified Self
  • Biohacking future, a mainstream culture of health and wellness
  • Other companies in the home and personalized health space
  • More scientific rigor and objectivity in the wellness industry
  • Collaborations on the Bisu data; oral health, baby health, pet urine testing
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